Student Blogging Challenge Week 3 Activity 4

The forest.



The forest

Photo Credit: James Whitesmith Flickr via Compfight cc</a

Photo Credit: James Whitesmith Flickr via Compfight cc

In the wide world there lived a man named Bob. Bob was an outdoors man. On the weekend Bob was always outside. But Bob was a terrible navigator. So one day Bob went in to a forest. He had decided that he wanted to go hiking in the forest. When he started hike he lost track of direction. He walked deep into the woods before he realized it. Bob was completely lost, This was not a good thing because Bob had no food, no water and no compass.

How does the story end tell me how you think it should end.

Student Blogging Challenge Week 3 Activity 11

So I made A jigsaw puzzle of Loki using a picture I got at I will leave attribution in this post but I will also leave a link to it so that you can try it out. you will have to highlight the link. This is Loki’s attribution

. Photo Credit: <a href=””>miguel.discart</a> Flickr via <a href=””>Compfight</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

Student Blogging Challenge Week 3 Activity 2

What was interesting in the video was the fact that they had made it easy so that even a 9 year old would understand. Without hearing about copyright before. It was also quite cool that they used Disney. The positive of the video was that they got there point across and everything fit together well. The negative of the video was that the volume of the video naturally was quite low. It also had some audio issues that held it back.

I walk alone through this dune. Aka Activity 3.

Photo Credit: onesevenone Flickr via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: onesevenone Flickr via Compfight cc

I walked alone through this dune.
Wake up. Wonder where I am.

Realize that I am in the middle of a dune.

I stand.

See a city in the distance.

I decide to walk there.

I trudge on for hours.

Before starting to really thirst.

Exhaustion kicks in.

I must keep going

Or I may not be able to move tomorrow,

When I am maybe a 3 hours walk from the city I collapse.

When I wake I stand up and trudge on.

I reached the gate.

I walked alone through this dune.

Student Blogging Challenge Activity 1 Week 3

Attribution is very important. It and the use of a creative commons licence are very important to the flow of the internet. The reason Attribution is so important is so that people get credit. Where credit is do. They also allow people to make modifications to current products and make them different. This also allows people to maybe make a profit through the modification if the creator allows it. If not you need to abide by or you could face criminal charges. That is how I think attribution is important. But I also believe that if you do not release it to the public or use it in a project you should be able to change it to amuse you. Or challenge you.

Student Blogging Challenge Week 3 Activity 5


Photo Credit: JAXPORT Flickr via Compfight cc


Photo Credit: <a href=””>Perfectance</a> Flickr via <a href=””>Compfight</a> <a href=””>cc</a>


Photo Credit: <a href=””>Tom Simpson</a> Flickr via <a href=””>Compfight</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

Photo Credit: Florentino Luna Flickr via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Florentino Luna Flickr via Compfight cc

How to create an effective comment in 5 steps.

So you find a blog post that interests you and you want to comment on the blog. But you want to have your comment be effective. As you should. Here are some simple steps.

Step 1. Compliment the author of the post in a certain way that tells them that there blog post is good. By maybe saying how there post is well sourced and checks out. Or if there telling a story tell them that there story is interesting.

Step 2. Add new information about the topic. In this way you can make a connection with there post. You can also do it so that if they had some info not correct they can correct it. Do it in a polite way so not to aggravate them.

Step 3. Make a connection. I already touched upon it briefly so I will be quick about it. If the author talks about how he loves Harry Potter. You also love Harry Potter you tell them and you make a connection.

Step 4. Ask a question about the topic. This is important because if you want to strike up a conversation. Because it will get the writer and the other readers of the post to talk to you about the answer.

Step 5. Proofread your self. Make sure that what you say in the comment is correct and that its what you want to say.

Now you have my 5 steps to writing an effective comment. Go write some.

Bio Poem


geeky, political, charismatic, sarcastic

Sibling of Addison

Lover of “Star Trek”

Who feels happy with Star Trek

Who needs Star Trek to be awesome which it is, to be interested in a good story, and finally for Beyond as good as the first two times I watched it.

Who fears that Discovery will suck, Who fears that Nuka World will not be good, Finally I fear that I will not be able to play STO ( Star Trek Online) on the PS4

Who would like to see Leonard Nimoy rise from the dead just saying, Who would like to see a real United Federation Of Planets, If this happened I would love to join Star Fleet just saying, and finally would love to see a real Starship Enterprise

Who lives in Ohio.


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